SharonAnderson,Whistleblower,Va Widow,CityAttorneys-CopCorruptions, Title 181001 False Statments


St.PaulPolice Chief John Harrington,employee'sAaronFoster et al_ RICO Tax Evasion

St.PaulPolice Chief John Harrington,employee'sAaronFoster et al_ RICO Tax Evasion

Friday, September 28, 2007

St.Paul Police Impound Lot-Airport-Police State MN

Whistleblowers: Sharon Anderson and Bill Dahn
request the FBI and Anoka Co. Attorney Robert Johnson
to intervene as We the Citizenery
of St. Paul are DENIED Police Protection? to coverup
Aaron Foster's Complicity with Murder of Barb Winn, Theft and
Trespass, Treason of Sharon Anderson's Car,Trailer
Property Rights, at 697 Surrey
Murdered 21Sept2000
QUESTION: Is Aaron Foster Jr. or Sr. now an Airport "Cop",
he's still the Manager of Stolen Cars,Property at the Impound Lot"
"Judge the Police Impound Pic" ?
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Anonymous said...

THE ST.PAUL POLICE IMPOUND LOT, apparently it will become the new edition to the St.Paul Air Port.
Why are they excavating the land east of the impound lot.
This land is between the river and Concord St.
This parcel of land runs down river for about a mile, and part is in South Saint Paul.
They must need more storage hangers for all the planes that comes with the new town that will be called The Bridges Project that will be build west of the Down Town Air Port.
St. Paul developer Jerry Trooien
The old sang,
, the rich get RICHER.
Did anyone hear about the need to replace the Lafayette Bridge, they would need a new bridge so they can put in a new exit and entrance ramps need for the New Down Town St.Paul.

8:26 PM

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Anonymous said...

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